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  • 'True Revolution' Ahead for US Fiscal Future: Greenspan Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 5:35 AM ET
    Alan Greenspan

    The United States faces a "true revolution" in the choices it will have to make to secure its fiscal future now that the welfare state has run up against a "brick wall of economic reality", former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said on Wednesday.

  • Welfare Reform Targets Workers’ Hours Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 3:49 AM ET

    Workers claiming state help with childcare and housing costs will be expected to seek longer hours, or risk sanctions that could include loss of benefits or a requirement to undergo training, in a radical shift in Britain’s welfare system, the Financial Times reports.

  • UK Government Backpedals on Welfare Cuts Monday, 13 Jun 2011 | 12:56 AM ET
    David Cameron

    Britain’s ruling coalition is to modify its plan for a rigid £26,000 annual cap ($42,190) on the total benefits that can be claimed by any household, amid fears it could force thousands of poor families out of their homes in London, the FT reports.

  • The Biggest US Welfare States Tuesday, 21 Jul 2009 | 12:51 PM ET
    As the recession grinds on and people run out of unemployment benefits, the last safety net is the government's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Though benefits vary by state, TANF provides a maximum of 60 months of coverage throughout a recipient's lifetime.To get an idea of which states pay out the most welfare checks, the  (NCSL) surveyed state governments. Using the most current information, NCSL then compared the total number of recipients of TANF to the overall state

    To get an idea of which states pay out the most welfare checks, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) surveyed state governments. what are the biggest US welfare states?