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The city is investing in research & development in addition to SMEs, explains Nicholas Yang, Hong Kong's Secretary for Innovation and Technology.

Singapore Foreign Secretary Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan explains why the island-nation is a leader in innovative urban solutions.

Whereas Netflix offers original content, Stan has become the home for exclusive Hollywood programming, explains CEO Mike Sneesby.

Distribution platforms aren't as important as easy access to content, notes Brian Sullivan of Fox Networks Group.

An excess shipyard capacity continues to plauge the sector but demand remains positive, notes Andreas Sohmen-Pao of BW Group.

North Korea's military celebrates its 85th anniversary on Tuesday amid increasing tensions with Washington, reports Chery Kang.

Buyers may be able to afford purchase property one year but they could find themselves in a different situation the following year. Emily Tan reports.

A 700 square foot, two-bedroom unit in Singapore could set residents back close to a million Singapore dollars, reports Dan Murphy.

We are taking tonight's result in a responsible way: Macron campaign manager

Laurence Haim, Emmanuel Macron's international spokesperson, says that her party is addressing Sunday's positive French election result in a responsible way.

Macron's potential to implement agenda is challenged: Goldman Sachs economist

Huw Pill, chief European economist at Goldman Sachs, discusses Emmanuel Macron's potential to deliver his liberal reform agenda should he win the French presidency.

Macron has chance to implement reforms in the first month: Barclays

Philippe Gudin de Vallerin, chief European economist at Barclays, discusses French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's potential for economic reform.

Fixed income still looks challenged in 2017: Strategist

Tim Graf, head of macro strategy at State Street Global Markets, discusses ownership of European bonds.

Markets developed skeptical eye relative to Trump's rhetoric

Tim Graf, head of macro strategy at State Street Global Markets, discusses U.S. President Donald Trump's potential to implement financial reform.

Le Pen calls on all French patriots to back her

Despite far-right candidate Marine Le Pen securing a place in the second round, CNBC’s Claire Fournier explains why there are still hurdles ahead for the National Front leader.

Fillon concedes defeat in French presidential election

CNBC’s Wilfred Frost reacts to presidential candidate Francois Fillon’s decision to concede in the election, and his endorsement for centrist Macron.

How influential will the French election be on markets?

Elsa Lignos, global head of FX strategy at RBC, talks about the expected moves to be seen in the euro dollar following the French election first round results.

Don’t buy the exit poll results yet: Melenchon spokesperson

Jean-Luc Melenchon’s spokesperson Djordje Kuzmanovic tells CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera what he thinks of the initial exit polls out from the French election’s first round.

Far-right leader Le Pen to go to second round: Polls

CNBC’s Claire Fournier talks about the likelihood of the far-right National Front party winning the second round of the French presidential election.

Playing the euro dollar trade amid political events

Elsa Lignos, global head of FX strategy at RBC, takes a look at how the euro dollar trade has performed in the run-up to the French presidential election.

Getting reforms implemented following the French election

Jessica Hinds, European economist at Capital Economics, reveals what the biggest economic challenge could be for the candidate that becomes the next French president.

Election result is historical: Le Pen

Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen speaks following the news that she would be going through to the second round of the election.

Cargill has a long history of dealing with protectionist-oriented administrations, says chairman and CEO David MacLennan.

Security is a key election theme so Thursday's shooting could benefit candidates who prioritized those issues, says Fredrik Erixon from the European Centre for International Political Economy.

Politicians, celebrities, athletes, and CEOs made it to the annual ranking, notes Matt Vella of TIME Magazine

Negative growth a consequence of the past: Publicis CEO

Publicis CEO Maurice Levy discusses first-quarter earnings, adding that he is extremely satisfied with his company's underlying business.

Most French presidential candidates might not have parliamentary majority

CNBC's Claire Fournier updates on French election news, a key story being far-right candidate Marine Le Pen's refusal to appear on TV in front of an EU flag.

reason will prevail

Publicis CEO Maurice Levy speaks about the French election, saying that far left and right candidates Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen would be his "worst nightmare" should they reach the second round.