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Peter Bellew, CEO of Malaysia Airlines, says the airline is expected to be in the black in 2018 and will target listing a year after that.

Scott Nations of NationsShares weighs in on how positive earnings announcements are driving markets, while higher crude prices are helping U.S. oil producer stocks.

Covestro CEO: Bio on its own is not enough

Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas talks to CNBC about its sustainability objectives, and how it could impact the company’s model going forward. Added comment on Brexit.

Covestro CEO: See different world than other players in our space

Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas breaks down the key details from the company’s latest earnings report, with comment on the current market environment.

Still seeing lending as strong: Virgin Money CEO

Virgin Money CEO Jayne-Anne Gadhia breaks down the key details from the company’s latest set of earnings, with comment on consumer sentiment and the economy.

Oil producers try to enforce output cuts

Mouhammed Choukeir, chief investment officer at Kleinwort Hambros, takes a look at the recent moves in the oil price, and discusses whether OPEC is convincing the market that it can cut.

CEO resignation makes Akzo Nobel's financial targets harder: Bernstein

Jeremy Redenius, equity analyst for European chemicals at Bernstein Research, talks about the challenges currently facing Akzo Nobel, and what this means for investors.

Volumes of single low digit is right: Covestro CEO

Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas fleshes out where core volumes could go in the near term, with comment on business strategy.

Zafrul Aziz, CEO of CIMB Group, says the bank's joint venture with Ant Financial on a mobile payments platform allows it to access the retail market.

The production ceiling being discussed for Nigeria doesn't imply a cut from the country's current levels of output, says Vandana Hari of Vanda Insights.

A statement from the Fed that highlights a further decline in inflation will make all the difference to the dollar, says Gareth Berry at Macquarie.

Chinese firms make up 109 of the companies the Fortune Global 500 list. Brian O'Keefe of Fortune Magazine weighs in on Chinese firms' updraft.

Microsoft might be a dotcom 1.0 company, but it's still doing well in cloud-native products and services, says Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy.

Crystal Palace Football Club Chairman Steve Parish talks about the club's Dongqiudi partnership and the growing popularity of the Premier League in China.

Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin have slightly different messages about U.S.-China trade ties. Ira Kalish, chief global economist at Deloitte, weighs in.

The start-up ecosystem in Southeast Asia has developed enough to attract large institutional investors from abroad, says Vinnie Lauria from Golden Gate Ventures.

Royal DSM CEO: Still hard to do business in China

Royal DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma talks about China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, with added discussion on the overall performance of the country at present.

Global equity markets at historically low volatility: Rathbone

Julian Chillingworth, chief investment officer at Rathbone Brothers, takes a look at how markets have performed as of late, with comment on what's influencing sentiment.

Healthy eating market growing in China: Royal DSM CEO

Royal DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma talks about the changing nature in the vitamin production space, and whether it impacts the firm.

Novartis CEO: About to enter next growth phase

Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez talks about the company’s latest drug CTL019 and expectations for it and its developments going forward.

Continuing to innovate, launch new drugs in US: Novartis CEO

Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez tells CNBC why developments of the U.S. health bill do not really have an impact on the pharmaceutical company.

A BYD Co. electronic vehicle (EV) is charged at an EV charging station at the company's campus in the Pingshan district of Shenzhen, China.

Stella Li, president of BYD Motors, talks about the company's plans to increase its production capacity for electric buses and cars in the U.S.

Matt Argersinger of The Motley Fool says it's very possible Netflix will secure 200 million subscribers if it continues its current investment strategy.

Speculation over more IPOs led to small caps getting dumped, while investors fretted over regulation, says Kevin Leung, Haitong International Securities Group.

Minimal data change expected before fall: Orient Capital

Andrew Collier, managing director at Orient Capital Research, talks about the state of the Chinese economy with comment on deleveraging and strategy by the government.

Trump doctrine is shortsighted and counterproductive: Expert

Brian Klass, fellow in comparative politics at London School of Economics, takes a look at how Donald Trump has performed compared to other U.S. presidents.

Tressis Gestion: Expectations of Q2 growth positive, even in US

Daniel Lacalle, the chief economist at Tressis Gestion, takes a look at the U.S. Federal Reserve’s strategy, with comment on how the central bank digests economic data.