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Ireland Financial

Ireland Minister of State for Financial Services Eoghan Murphy says the EU Commission is not considering the best practice for taxation across jurisdictions.


Esprit Group CEO Jose Manuel Martínez Gutiérrez says the underlying business is steadily improving as the company continues to downsize and lower costs.

Australia FDI

Australian Trade Minister Steve Ciobo says it might be useful to implement new policies that create more certainty in Australia's FDI framework.


Japan Airlines CFO Norikazu Saito says Japanese consumers aren't willing to spend as they are anxious about the future and impending tax hikes.

Europe Economy PKG

BNP Paribas Group Chairman Jean Lemierre says negative rates will help the economy, but they also risk creating asset bubbles.

Russia Elections

Recent events suggest there is clearly a ferocious struggle inside the Obama administration over relations with Russia, says Russian scholar Stephen Cohen.

Aberdeen AM PKG

Aberdeen AM's Martin Gilbert says the Fed needs to get on with raising rates and expects the BOJ will try to cut rates deeper into negative territory.

Singapore's EDM scene gains ground

The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene is thriving in Singapore, which saw the likes of Zhu, Far East Movement and the Ultra Singapore festival in September.


Stratfor's Lauren Goodrich says Vladimir Putin will likely try to remain in a position of political power even after he has successors.

Cramer Remix: 3 things needed for a rally next week

Jim Cramer reveals the perfect combination of action that needs to occur in order for the market to rally.

CNBC's Diana Olick reports on how technology is disrupting the fitness industry and companies presenting to the Sports and Fitness Industry gathering in Denver.

Obama urges voters to continue his work

President Barack Obama encouraged voters to continue his progressive agenda by electing Hillary Clinton as his successor, at a meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C.

Seven days that changed the auto industry forever

It’s been one year since Volkswagen was caught cheating on emission tests. CNBC takes a look back at how the news unfolded.

Singapore's F1 Grand Prix keeps the tourists coming

Not even bad weather or Zika virus fears can keep the thousands of tourists away from Singapore's F1 Grand Prix night race. CNBC's Dan Murphy reports.

BT Group CEO: We're prepared to invest

BT Group's Gavin Patterson says a proposal has been made to Ofcom which addresses the regulator's concerns although some sticking points remain.

Its a challenging investment environment:

The Australian Government Future Fund is cutting back on risk because there is too much uncertainty and insufficient rewards, says CIO Raphael Arndt.

"Race Against Dementia" Founding Trustee Sir Jackie Stewart talks about the urgent need to find innovative medical solutions for dementia patients.

This camera wants to take down your drone

The SkyDroner protects against unwelcome UAV's entering your airspace.

how tense

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg jokingly admits that relations are just "slightly" tense between Lewis Hamilton and him.

No rational to keep US sanctions on Myanmar: Serge Pun

Serge Pun & Associates Group's Serge Pun says the lifting of U.S. sanctions will benefit Myanmar's economy and democratic movement.

agenda for milken

Chairman Michael Milken says dialogue at the Milken Institute's Asia Summit will focus on the creation of job opportunities in the region.

Rafferty Capital Markets' Richard Bove says the key question to ask John Stumpf is: Did Wells Fargo's procedures and processes fall apart?

Mizuho PKG

Mizuho Financial Group's Yasuhiro Sato talks to CNBC about the challenges he sees in the global economy and the Bank of Japan's policies.

Ireland Taxes

IDA Ireland's Martin Shanahan says he disagrees with the EU Commission's Apple ruling and the prospect of retrospective changes to tax regulations.

Eagles Vs. Drones, round 2

A Japanese company has designed what could be the meanest drone yet: a flying robot with claws.

Robot (almost) walks the tightrope

The Atlas robot can now balance on a 2cm plywood edge.