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CNBC Exclusive: Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof, chairman of Africa-focused private equity firm 8 Miles, outlines the progress Africa's oldest independent country has made in recent decades.

CNBC Exclusive: Surin Pitsuwan

While many ASEAN nations have joined the TPP, that won't hinder the progress of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), explains Surin Pitsuwan, former secretary general of ASEAN.

IMF Spring Meeting

The IMF says the world is potentially sleepwalking into an economic crisis as investors lose faith in the ability of policymakers, CNBC's Julia Chatterley reports.

Fed Beige Book out

CNBC's Hampton Pearson reports on the release on the Federal Reserve's Beige Book saying economic activity continued to expand in February and March.

Blockbuster mansions

CNBC's Robert Frank gives a peek into the new arms race in luxury real estate: the movie trailer.

Con Edison

CNBC's Dom Chu takes a look at cheap stocks in hot sectors.

CNBC Exclusive: NASDAQ President

Launched last year, the Nasdaq Energy Futures is seeing strong growth in on-book trading and trade reporting, says Adena Friedman, president and COO of Nasdaq.

Chevron CEO

Chevron CEO John Watson talks to CNBC about the outlook and issues for the LNG industry.

The Songkran festival, Thailand's New Year, is celebrated by throwing buckets of water, but the mood is soured this year as Thailand suffers its worst drought in 20 years.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Where do millionaires go on vacation? CNBC's Robert Frank looks at where the rich travel.

6 crazy ways to use gold

From a gold-plated chopper to gold on your knickers, here are six crazy ways to showcase the precious metal

The rise of social recruiting

Instead of salaries and job conditions, Japan's Wantedly aims to match the passion and vision of corporations to job seekers.

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin performs in 1983 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The legendary rock band is being taken to court over the opening of its Stairway to heaven track. CNBC takes a closer look at the numbers behind that particular song.

To mark international day of human space flight we take a look at how much space travel has changed since the first human went into orbit back in 1961. CNBC's Phil Han reports.

Australia will be the world's biggest producer of LNG by end of decade

Australia will be producing 85 million tons of LNG by 2020, up from 20 million tons at the start of the decade, says Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia.

Space X

Tours to space will be available for $150,000 to $200,000 in the next few years, says Don Thomas, a former NASA astronaut.

US Earnings season

Standard Chartered is recommending clients to focus on defensive stocks in the Asian market, says the bank's equity strategy head, Clive McDonnell.

Crowdsourcing earnings estimates

CNBC's Dominic Chu looks into Estimize data to see earnings estimates as we kick off earnings seasons after the bell.

What millennials want in the workplace

Insight to big banks rewarding young employees to prevent them from leaving, with Daniel Huang, Wall Street Journal, and Jeanne Meister, Future Workplace LLC.

Driverless Cars PKG

CNBC's Akiko Fujita takes you on a ride in an NuTonomy autonomous car. Birds beware!

First on CNBC: Kidzania

Xavier Lopez Ancona, president and chief executive officer at KidZania, explains how the firm is expanding globally with its theme parks allowing children to work in adult jobs.

China CPI

Tony Nash, chief Economist at Complete Intelligence, explains why investors shouldn't read too much into China's March producer price figures.


CNBC's Eamon Javers talks to Jurgen Mossack, Mossack Fonseca co-founder, about the Panama Papers scandal and whether his firm should have known better.


Crude oil prices see a big spike headed into the weekend. CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports.

SpaceX's historic moment

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully lands on a vessel in the ocean. The rocket had failed to do so the previous four times.

If you’re looking for a cheap holiday, here’s where and when you should book your hotel for maximum savings, according to TripAdvisor UK.

Hong Kong Sevens

Hong Kong Rugby Union CEO Vern Reid highlights what viewers can expect from this year's tournament.

Japan yen

David Fernandez, head of FICC research, Asia-Pacific at Barclays, believes officials will attempt to slow the pace of currency gains down but notes they won't use aggressive intervention.

What it's like to be Fed Chair

Janet yellen and Former Fed chairs Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker address what it's like to have the power of the Fed Chairman.

Manny Pacquiao: What I'm doing with my boxing money

Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao discusses his upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley and his Nike endorsement being dropped.