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Will the electoral college still go for Trump?

Members who make up the electoral college will today cast their vote for President of the United States.

Big data is a crystal ball for airfares

Giorgos Zacharia, CTO at Kayak, says machine learning technology and big data are used to save money on airfares.

Jump the queue at Japan's top dining spots

Takashi Yamada, founder of TableALL, talks about how his online reservation service gives users access to Japan's most exclusive restaurants.

Australia budget trajectory improving: FinMin

Mathias Cormann, finance minister of Australia, says the budget trajectory is improving.

Russia hacking: What could the U.S. do?

President Obama said the United States would action against Russian hacking claims. This is what the U.S. could do.

Awkward! British PM left all alone

Theresa May was left all alone during an EU Summit.

These are the most vacation-deprived countries

Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore are among the countries with the most vacation-deprived people, says Expedia's Simon Fiquet.

Fake news isn't going away: Academic

We need to learn to distinguish between real and fake news, says S. Shyam Sundar at The Pennsylvania State University.

The whole world is long dollar now: Expert

The dollar is overvalued against the euro and the yen, says UBS WM's Hartmut Issel.

Cramer Remix: Why the market didn’t tank after the Fed’s rate hike

Jim Cramer reflected on the market’s unusual stability following the big news from the Federal Reserve.

Amazon CEO on Trump's tech summit: 'Very productive'

CNBC's Jon Fortt reports the latest on Donald Trump's meeting with Silicon Valley at Trump Tower, including a statement from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The "Fast Money" traders weigh in.

Mad Money 3

Jim Cramer spoke with Bill Sandbrook, who says there is now an expanded runway of opportunity in the future.

For once we’re going to see a functional US congress: El-Erian

Speaking at the ‘Arab Strategy Forum’, Allianz Chief Economic Advisor, Mohamed El-Erian, takes a look at geopolitics going forward, especially with Donald Trump becoming the next U.S. president.

Trump no longer repeating his attacks on the Fed: El-Erian

Speaking at the ‘Arab Strategy Forum’, Allianz Chief Economic Advisor, Mohamed El-Erian, explains why the Federal Reserve is more focused on what markets are doing than what the president-elect is saying.

Gartman: Data shows Fed needs to tighten more aggressively

Renowned investor Dennis Gartman talks about how rare the market’s unanimous sentiment is on the Federal Reserve raising rates in December.

We’re seeing a geopolitical recession: Eurasia Group President

Speaking at the ‘Arab Strategy Forum’, Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer says a “geopolitical recession” is impacting the markets, but it’s not “washing up on everyone’s shores”.

Larger budget deficits ahead for the US: Expert

Yale University's Stephen Roach talks about the savings shortfall in the U.S. and Trump's protectionist trade stance.

Hutchison: Tillerson has the background and boy scout upbringing

John Hamre, CSIS president and CEO, and Kay Bailey Hutchison, former Senator (R-Texas), weighs in on Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Trump's secretary of State.

Tech CEOs to meet with Trump: What to expect

The “Fast Money” traders discuss what investors should make of Trump's tech summit tomorrow.


Jim Cramer revealed one group of stocks that went from drab to fab.

5 peculiar jobs you may not have known existed

From medical illustration to airport wildlife control, here's a list of five off-the-radar jobs and what they pay.

Cramer Remix: Why Trump may have just frightened some investors

Jim Cramer explains why the Trump rally could be facing a roadblock after recent moves by the President-Elect.

Trump tweets, market listens: Who is his next target?

The "Fast Money" traders discuss whether the market is taking Donald Trump's tweets more seriously, and who can be his next target.

Qantas to launch world's longest flight

The Australian airline will be launching direct services between Perth and London. The route will be the world's longest at some 17 hours.

Scientists build a robotic hand with a soft touch

Robotics researchers at Cornell University made a hand that has something close to a human touch

Our oil sector is in a race against time: Nigerian oil min

Nigeria’s Oil Minister, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, says there is a good appetite for Nigerian oil in Asian countries.