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Bovis and Galliford Try still in talks about possible deal

British homebuilder Bovis has rejected a bid approach from rival Galliford Try, however the firm has said it remains in talks about a possible deal. CNBC’s Gemma Acton discusses.

Park impeachment only beginning of the end: Academic

Yang Jun-seok, professor at the Catholic University of Korea, says uncertainty is set to last until the South Korean presidential election is over.

Prospects for March hike like a penalty kick with no goalie: Pro

Adrian Zuercher, MD at UBS, says he expects a total of three interest rate hikes from the U.S. Federal Reserve this year.

This year, China's all about stability: Expert

Jonathan Pain, author of The Pain Report, says economic, political and currency stability are at the top of China's agenda this year.

South Korea's potential foreign policy reset

Jonathan Berkshire Miller of the Council on Foreign Relations weighs in on how a new president in South Korea could approach ties with North Korea.

Russians are ready to work with Trump: VTB bank Chair

Andrey Kostin, president and chairman at VTB Bank, takes a look at Russia’s relationship with the U.S. and its administration, and why “more time” is needed to establish a dialogue.

Restructuring our business in Europe: VTB Bank Chair

Andrey Kostin, president and chairman at VTB Bank, says he would like to see a better relationship between Russia and European leaders, with trade being a key factor.

Where is oil, ruble heading in 2017? VTB Bank chair weighs in

Andrey Kostin, president and chairman at VTB Bank, gives his view on the oil market, especially with the ruble being hampered by its price volatility.

VTB: No reason why Russia and world can’t work together

Andrey Kostin, president and chairman at VTB Bank, weighs in on whether the mindset of the Russians is still guided by a Cold War ethos.

Fed is in a hiking cycle: Trader

Tim Seymour, managing partner at Triogem Asset Management, says Fed is moving faster than markets are pricing in.

South Korea could be torn apart for months: Expert

Sean King of Park Strategies says the impeachment trial could potentially usher in a new age in South Korean politics.

The first thing the EU wants in Brexit negotiations

Jacob Kirkegaard of the Peterson Institute for International Economics says the EU will broach the topic of the "divorce settlement" the UK will pay.

cable consolidation good for the french market

Altice CEO Michel Combes discusses earnings and business strategy, adding that his company is strong without consolidation.

Real opportunity of Brexit is free trade agreement: NZ Trade Min

Following Brexit, New Zealand Minister of Trade Todd McClay says he thinks it’s a “good development” that the U.K. is focusing on the Commonwealth when it comes to trade.

Old Mutual CEO: Believe markets have ‘run hard’

Old Mutual CEO Bruce Hemphill gives his thoughts on whether the recent re-rating of financials has gone too far, with comment on the wider market.

Merck Q4 net profit rises

Following its latest set of earnings results, Merck KGaA CEO Stefan Oschmann talks about the company’s outlook going forward.

Macro picture is relatively stable at present: Pro

Kevin Boscher, chief investment officer at Brooks Macdonald Asset Management, talks about the current state of the market and the key factors influencing it.

US and China are on collision course: Former ambassador

Max Baucus, former United States ambassador to China, says leaders of the two countries don't understand each other to the degree that they should.

Virtually try on clothes in these AR dressing rooms

Ari Bloom of Avametric talks about how "3D content creation" technology allows customers to virtually sample clothes without setting foot in a dressing room.

Samsung's Jay Y. Lee goes to court

Troy Stangarone of the Korea Economic Institute talks about the lines of argument the defense might adopt.

Post-MH370, here's how Malaysia Airlines is coping

Mohshin Aziz of Maybank Investment Bank says Malaysia Airlines has taken tough measures to right its business.

Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), an advanced missile system, is launched during a successful intercept test in the U.S. Pacific in 2013.

Thomas Byrne, president of The Korea Society, says China's retaliation to the THAAD anti-missile system is bringing South Korea consternation.

Prospects for dollar have improved a lot: Strategist

Gareth Berry of Macquarie says the dollar rally could be propelled if the dot plot reflects the potential for four Fed rate hikes this year.

70-30 odds of impeachment in South Korea: Expert

Hank Morris, advisor at Argentarius Group, talks about how the impeachment investigation is likely to affect other chaebols in South Korea.

N.Korea complicates US-China relations: Expert

President Trump had made it clear that he thinks China should step up to influence North Korea's behavior, says Nicholas Consonery of FTI Consulting.

Market downdraft to continue?

Margaret Patel of Wells Fargo Asset Management says post-election growth expectations are unlikely to materialize this year.

Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan discusses his business plan to restructure and raise its profits.

Don’t believe asset management business gets recognition: Deutsche Bank CEO

Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan talks to CNBC about the minority IPO of the bank’s asset management business.

Would like stability in rules environment: Deutsche Bank CEO

Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan talks about the state of regulation in the banking sector.

Something is going on between intelligence community and Trump: Eurasia Group

Jonathan Lieber of Eurasia Group weighs in on the leaks about the Trump administration and the role of the intelligence community.

Obamacare, Trumpcare, this investor doesn't care

Chad Morganlander of Washington Crossing says regardless of policy, spending on healthcare is likely to increase as the population ages.