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  • Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf retires

    Wells Fargo executive officer John Stumpf steps down as pressure mounted over the banks' sales tactics. He is replaced by COO Tim Sloan, reports CNBC's Wilfred Frost.

  • US launches strikes against Yemen

    The U.S. military launching a Tomahawk cruise missile against radar sites in Yemen after earlier in the week missiles were fired at an American Navy ship from a rebel-controlled area.

  • Focus on these three FOMC elements: Pro

    John Silva, Wells Fargo Securities discusses what he will be looking for when the fed releases its minutes later this afternoon.

  • Must Read: Theresa May's hard lesson

    The "Worldwide Exchange" crew discusses some of the morning's top attention-grabbing headlines, including an article in the Financial Times titled, "The markets have taught Theresa May a hard lesson on sovereignty," and Judy Shelton's Wall Street Journal piece title, "A transatlantic revolt against central banks.

  • Oil edges higher ahead of energy conference

    Leading oil producers are meeting in Istanbul at an informal meeting where oil production is expected to be addressed, reports CNBC's Steve Sedgwick.

  • Clinton lead widens amid Republican rift

    NBC News' Tracie Potts reports on Hillary Clinton's post-debate bounce as the campaigns head into the final weeks before the election.

  • Heavy rains expected in Midwest

    A look at the national business travel forecast, with The Weather Channel's Reynolds Wolf.

  • Putin to address Russian investment forum

    CNBC's Geoff Cutmore provides a preview of the Russian leader's keynote speech at a major investment conference today.

  • Three things to watch when CSX reports

    CNBC's Landon Dowdy reports the Street is expecting a bumpy third quarter for CSX Corp.

  • Street eyes Capitol Hill race

    Ellen Zentner, Morgan Stanley, discusses how a change in Washington leadership will likely impact the calculus for Wall Street.

  • Must Read: Vote for policy preference

    The "Worldwide Exchange" crew discusses some of the morning's top attention-grabbing headlines, including a Wall Street Journal piece written by Allysia Finley titled, "American polarization in miniature," and a Financial Times article written by Kenneth Rogoff titled, "It would be wrong to abandon the policy of negative rates."

  • Citi ups chances of Clinton win to 70%

    The video of Donald Trump talking crudely about women was sort of a tipping point, says Tina Fordham, Citi, explaining the likely reason behind Hillary Clinton's bump up in the polls.

  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump onstage during the second presidential debate in St. Louis on Oct. 9, 2016.

    NBC News' Tracie Potts reports on the schism inside the Republican Party as Donald Trump promises to continue fighting and Hillary Clinton gets a bump in the polls.

  • Trade of the day: Oil's surge

    The Kensho data team crunches the numbers to see which stocks performed best when oil prices rose by ten dollars in three months.

  • Three things to watch beyond Alcoa's quarter

    CNBC's Landon Dowdy takes a look into Alcoa's split on November 1st into two publicly-traded companies, aluminum prices and a supply glut in China.

  • Expect 'sideways' markets for next month: Pro

    Bob Parker, Credit Suisse, shares his outlook on equities and oil prices, and explains why bank stocks are positions to move higher. Also Parker addresses how political uncertainty is impacting markets, and shares his thoughts on the "flash crash" in the British pound.

  • Must Read: Pence's presidential path

    The "Worldwide Exchange" crew discusses some of the morning's top attention-grabbing headlines, including a Wall Street Journal story titled, "A path to President Pence."

  • Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

    CNBC's Landon Dowdy reports Tesla's CEO is hinting about a new product announcement and dismisses speculation of a need to raise capital.

  • Debate's first 20 minutes 'brutal': Expert

    James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, says Sunday night's presidential debate was the most "acrimonious" he's seen in his life, and breaks down the latest poll results which indicate a Hillary Clinton lead.

  • Presidential debate highlights

    NBC News' Tracie Potts takes a look at the best moments at Sunday night's second presidential debate.

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