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  • Inspire co-founder and director, Sara Khan says the “Islam hates the West” rhetoric spoken publicly feeds into the ISIS narrative, when we should be promoting peace and justice.

  • How long will oil prices stay low?

    Gal Luft, senior adviser to the United States Energy Security Council, says Saudi Arabia will keep prices low to knock out its fracking opponents.

  • Customers browse Apple Inc. computer products in the window of a retail outlet inside an electronics superstore in Tehran, Iran.

    This economy is the world's eighth largest, and it has nearly 80 million consumers clamoring for Western products. Can the US get a toehold?

  • Ex-Costa Rica president: worried about donald trump period

    Jose Maria Figueres, ex-president of Costa Rica, explains why presidential hopefuls have avoided talking about climate change.

  • Feeling the brand love around the world

    Kat Cole, Focus Brands, discusses the world's expanding taste in food and buying American brands. Also Cole talks about food safety and the minimum wage debate.

  • Solar Impulse 2 ready to fly

    Andre Borschberg, founder, CEO and pilot of Solar Impulse, discusses the technology behind his solar-powered aircraft.

  • How traditional taxi services are faring against ride-sharing apps

    We are focused on developing new innovation and technology amid increased competition, says Noni Purnomo, CEO of Blue Bird Group Holding.

  • Fukushima clean-up could take 40 years

    Professor of Theoretical Physics Michio Kaku talked to CNBC about the clean-up efforts at Fukushima.

  • Mentorship mentor

    The power of mentorship has become pervasive in the business world, and mentors have achieved mythic status. It could be time for a breakup.

  • TaskRabbit pushes consumer expectation

    If you need someone to stand in line for you at the passport office, online chore market place "TaskRabbit" can help you. The app has a new feature - it will confirm within five minutes, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Zillow CEO: News Corp acting out of desperation

    Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff explains the results of the company's latest quarter.

  • Corporate executive

    CEOs are gloomy across the globe, according to the latest economic sentiment survey from the Young Presidents' Organization.

  • US CEO confidence at lowest since 2011

    Deke Digital founder and CEO Dave Maney discusses the latest YPO survey of CEO economic confidence across the globe.

  • Global Pulse index

    Wong Su-Yen, Human Capital Leadership Institute CEO, identifies confidence levels across regions based on the YPO Global Pulse Survey.

  • Confidence is strong in the euro zone: Frank Taubert

    Frank Taubert, founder of PanTau Invest, says there is confidence in investing and hiring among CEOs across the euro zone.

  • Pulse of the sharing economy

    WSI Sports CEO Joel Wiens and Zeel Founder & CEO Samer Hamadeh discuss the on-demand, sharing economy and how it's changing the overall economy.

  • Apple may have reached its peak: Pro

    Former Apple employee and marketing firm exec Andy Cunningham discusses Apple shifting its attention from the iPhone to its software and services businesses.

  • '2015 was an interesting year'

    Patrick Siewert, MD of the Carlyle Group and YPO member, says the company was more focused on exiting than investing in 2015 because of market frothiness.

  • GrabTaxi founder Anthony Tan reckons being local will give his Singapore-based start-up the edge over behemoth Uber in Asia.

  • Will Chinese tourists continue heading to Taiwan?

    Steven Pan, chairman of FIH Regent Group and YPO member, says both Taiwan's new government and China will have to adjust to each other, but eventually we shall see closer ties.

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