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  • How many companies can a TWTR CEO handle?

    Spencer Rascoff, Zillow CEO, discusses what will happen next for Twitter as the "Squawk Alley" crew debates how much the next Twitter CEO should and can handle.

  • After years advising CEOs to let employees telecommute, this HR consultant decided to take her own counsel and ditch office space for good.

  • Shazam

    After more than 15 billion "Shazams," the company that makes the music identification app, is now worth more than $1 billion.

  • Is the smartphone becoming extinct?

    The smartphone market is about to become extinct, and Apple could become the next BlackBerry. Seriously.

  • Are European CEOs gaining confidence?

    Andrew Lloyd Bailey, chairman of the Bailey Group, discusses YPO's Global Pulse Index, saying that investment in non-EU Europe has been dragged down by Russia and Ukraine.

  • Why CEOs are feeling more confident about China

    Stanley Szeto, CEO of Lever Style, discusses the improved outlook for China among CEOs around the world surveyed for the latest YPO global pulse report.

  • CEO optimism dropping: Survey

    Corporate confidence is slipping, according to the latest results from the Young Presidents' Organization.

  • Immigration reform protesters march to the White House last August.

    Immigration policy discards some of the brightest college grads because they are foreigners, and it's costing our entrepreneurial economy.

  • Unicorn

    Unicorns, start-ups valued at $1 billion or more, are Silicon Valley's sexiest bets, and it's a trend about to become increasingly global.

  • CEO cuts own salary to give employees a raise

    Protests over minimum wage continue to spread across the U.S. Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price is cutting his own salary to pay all employees a minimum of at least $70,000 by 2017.

  • Asia's alternative bank

    The U.K.; Germany; France and Italy have signed on to join China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Discussing America's opposition, with CNBC's Jeff Cox and Ravin Ghandi, GMM Nonstick Coatings CEO and YPO member.

  • Cheerios

    How do consumer brands become billion-dollar franchises? These 7 keys are shared across many blockbuster products.

  • Time to invest in autonomous driving software

    Hardeep Walia, CEO of Motif Investing shares his latest investment plan, the "connected car motif,' which invests in autonomous driving software companies.

  • Michelangelo hand with human hand

    Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have warned of the threat to humanity from A.I., but what about the threat to CEOs? They’ve got a lot to learn.

  • This kid entrepreneur made $5,000

    Yash Semlani, an 8-year-old entrepreneur, tells CNBC's Martin Song how his first business venture made $5,000.

  • An outside view of conceptual Mars One habitats

    Bas Lansdorp has raised funding for Mars One and has chosen 100 candidates to colonize the Red Planet. Is his dream technically feasible?

  • Why export-oriented Greek firms are attractive

    Anastasios Economou, Founder of investment holding firm Igroup, explains how he's hedging for the possibility of Greece leaving the euro zone and returning to its own currency.

  • Kona coffee beans growing in Kona, Hawaii

    Starbucks created the coffee industry, but there's room for new business models to compete against it, says Ed Schultz of Honolulu Coffee.

  • Olivia Newton-John on wellness

    Olivia Newton-John, singer and philanthropist, discusses her Cancer and Wellness Centre and her experience as a cancer survivor.

  • Millennials working computer

    David Glickman, CEO of Ultra Mobile, explains how he managed a millennial team to grow his company to more than $100 million in two years.

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