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Yousef Gamal El-Din

Former host of "Access: Middle East" and "Access: Africa"


  • Egyptian anti-Morsi protesters hold up their shoes near a burning police vehicle in Tahrir Square during a march against a visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

    One of the world's largest contractors is actively diversifying away from its home turf in the Middle East in light of rising political risks, opting instead to win exposure to territories such as Africa, former Soviet Republics and Australia.

  • China Versus US: Who’s Better for Africa?

    The chairman of Citadel Capital tells CNBC that Africa is set to flourish on the back of improved governance and political stability.

  • Casablanca, Morocco

    The uprisings of the Arab World reshuffled the political landscape in North Africa, toppling dictators in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. But Morocco is one country that has been able to resist the wave of revolutions, and holds mixed fortunes for foreign investors.

  • A Dubai-based for-profit education company GEMS Education is planning a major global expansion as it seeks to secure a larger share of what it believes is a $3 trillion global market, but those expansion plans have also raised questions about the role of for-profit companies.

  • Christine Lagarde at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    The European economy faces multiple challenges, but there is reason to be optimistic, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told delegates at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday.

  • FIFA President Joseph S Blatter presents Qatar for the host of 2022 FIFA World Cup.

    Qatar's billion-dollar spending spree in preparation for the 2022 World Cup is bringing fresh business to companies of most shapes and sizes. But the chief executive of Doha Bank is calling on the government to take a more active role to ensure "equal opportunity".

  • american_flag_oil_barrel_200.jpg

    It's been heralded as a game-changer for the global oil industry: the boom of shale oil in the United States, and with it the real prospects of ramping up domestic energy production and reducing imports. But it also raises serious questions about where it leaves Gulf oil producers.

  • Egypt's crisis-stricken economy may get a fresh infusion of confidence with a senior International Monetary Fund (IMF) official due in Cairo on Monday to resume discussions about a much-needed $4.8 billion loan.

  • Investors Cashing in on Middle East Forex Trade

    With the rising tide of stricter regulation in traditional financial centers, more investors from around the world are now using the Middle East to trade in foreign currencies and commodities. A number of players are also jumping on the opportunities brought on by regional investors seeking higher returns amid a lackluster performance in equity and fixed-income markets.

  • At a time when Gulf carriers have effectively redrawn the balance of power in the aviation industry, Etihad Airways is showing no signs of slowing down its global expansion. And part of that strategy remains focused on buying minority equity stakes in other airlines, the company’s President and CEO, James Hogan, told CNBC’s “Access: Middle East.”