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Silicon Valley visionary Peter Thiel was one of the first investors in Facebook. He has backed many of today's hottest tech companies. And now he's searching for the next generation of entrepreneurs – in an electrifying competition unlike anything seen before.

20 Under 20: Transforming Tomorrow captures every step of this amazing journey, telling the stories of the extraordinary young men and women each vying for a $100,000 Thiel Fellowship. Brilliant innovators who are barely out of high school, these budding entrepreneurs have very big ideas — and if they win, Thiel will give them the money and the mentors they need to make their dreams a reality. But there's a catch: to walk away with a Fellowship, they need to walk away from college.

It's a decision that will change their lives...and maybe even the world.

20 Under 20 Extras

  • Thiel Fellow Dale Stephens pictured with his mother LisaNalbone during a family vacation to Alaska.
    By: Lisa Nalbone|Mother of Dale Stephens, a 2011 Thiel Fellow

    Lisa Nalbone reflects on her visit to the Thiel Fellows Retreat and on the messages and mindset the fellowship conveyed to their aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Frances Zomer, mother of Thiel Fellow Chris Olah.
    By: Frances Zomer|Mother of Chris Olah, a 2012 Thiel Fellow

    Frances Zomer reflects on how her son dealt with adversity before winning a $100,000 fellowship.

  • desk_chalkboard_200.jpg
    By: Michael Gibson|Associate at Thiel Capital and Vice President of Grants for the Thiel Foundation

    Many people assume that a college education is the only path to a happy, successful, intellectually stimulating, fulfilling life, but the Thiel Foundation takes a different view.

5 Minutes with a Visionary

  • Dean Ian Waitz
    By: Gregory Saperstein

    Ian Waitz, MIT's dean of the engineering school, speaks with CNBC about being at the forefront of education and research and some of the major challenges facing today's innovators.

  • Ryan Howard

    Ryan Howard founded Practice Fusion, a free, web-based electronic health record company and one of the fastest-growing in the nation. He spoke with CNBC about how his business first took off and about two other big innovative players out there today.

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