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Sony aims to sell 10 mln flat TVs in 2007 & 2008


Sony wants to grow global sales of flat-screen televisions by about 70% in the next financial year starting in April, a Sony executive told Kyodo News in an interview on Wednesday.
    "Markets have large room to expand in Europe, the United States and Asia, where flat-screen TVs have yet to diffuse widely," Sony Executive Deputy President Katsumi Ihara was quoted by Kyodo as saying in the interview.
    Sony officials could not immediately be reached for comment.
    Ihara told Kyodo that Sony would aim for flat-TV sales of 10 million in 2007/08. That compares with Sony's official target of selling 6 million liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs in the current year to March, a target Ihara said Sony would likely beat.
    LCD and plasma displays are the two major technologies for flat-panel TVs. Sony has effectively pulled out of the plasma TV market and has placed its focus on LCD TVs.
    Sony said on Tuesday that it might make an additional investment in its LCD joint venture with South Korea's Samsung Electronics to meet fast-growing demand.