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World Aids Day: Gilead CEO Martin On HIV Therapy


Today is World AIDS Day and it comes at a time when health experts are considering new strategies in an attempt to change the environment of AIDS transmission. The rate of H-I-V infection is growing--with more than four million new cases each year.

One biopharmaceutical company whose portfolio includes several HIV treatments is Gilead Sciences. The CEO of Gilead -- John Martin—spoke with Joe Kernen this morning on CNBC’s "Squawk Box."

Gilead's HIV Crusade

Martin says Gilead is one of the leading companies in HIV therapy and that Gilead has simplified AIDS therapy.

Martin goes on to say that Gilead has been at the forefront of simplifying AIDS treatments. Now-- it's a single pill taken once per day it used to be a complicated cocktail.

Patients who maintain all their medications very diligently do very well for many years--according to Martin.

Gilead is also working on therapies for Cystic Fibrosis patients who have bacterial infection of the lung. Martin revealed Gilead has products in development that can help provide better outcomes for those patients.