Sports Biz with Darren Rovell

Best Commercial Of The Week

Have to give some love to that commercial where the fan who loves the Vikings and his neighbor who the loves the Bears are facing off in a "Who Can Be A Better Fan" face-off contest. For those of you who haven't seen it, LET ME RUIN IT FOR YOU. It has been out for weeks and you should have seen it. I'm doing this from memory so if I miss something, forgive me.

The Vikings fan comes out decked in Vikings clothes. Then the Bears fan comes out in Bears clothes. Then the Vikings fan brings out his inflatable chair. Then the Bears fan brings out his Bears couch. Then the Vikings fan comes out with his kids dressed as Vikings fans, the Bears guy responds. Then the Vikings fan decks out his pet in Purple and Gold. Then the Bears fan brings out his dog in a Brian Urlacher jersey. Then the Vikings fan tops it all by putting out his 30-foot inflatable Viking.

If you don't read the fine print – and I assume most people don't - you don't see the best part of the commercial. After the humongous Viking is shown, in the corner in the screen appears this message in itsy bitsy letters: "30 ft. inflatable Viking not sold."

Now that is hilarious. You know what happened. NFL lawyers got together and said something like this, "We have crazy fans and, you know, there are actually going to be Vikings fans who might want to buy this inflatable Viking. So we have to tell them that it's not available. But we don't want to make it too big because it will ruin the appeal of the commercial."

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