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Tillman Story Too Good To Be True?

As I wrote in my last blog, I was overjoyed that the late Pat Tillman apparently had the seventh most popular jersey in the NFL. But I was a little skeptical, since the NFL had given me plenty of lists since his death and his name had never appeared. I thought it was strange that it kind of came out of nowhere. Well, let’s put it this way ... It might be half true.

The numbers the NFL uses when it gives journalists its most popular jersey list is the numbers from, a significant number, but not entirely indicative of the whole market.  With the Tillman jerseys, it’s even less indicative of the marketplace because online is the only way you can get the Tillman jerseys.

Today, I spoke with someone who knows the whole market. This person told me that Pat Tillman’s jersey - in terms of total number of jerseys bought online and in stories -- is not among the top 25 most popular jerseys.

Just wanted to make sure to put that in perspective.

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