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Good morning. We're ready to begin what we trust will be a daily visit for all of you. In Play by Play--you'll find the latest interviews as well as breaking news and great stories from CNBC-TV. Even if you caught it on CNBC-TV--you'll get that much more right here.

Let's start with our quote of the day from Andrew Mellon: "Gentlemen Prefer Bonds." Guess he wasn't much of a stock holder but maybe he was really trying to think of a movie title for Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.

Now--here's what's ahead for you today. We'll focus first on we have an exclusive. CNBC's Steve Liesman sits down with Chicago Fed President Michael Moskow. The interview will be streaming live on starting at 9 am ET. Moskow certainly caught the attention of traders Friday-- when he said additional rate hikes might be necessary.

Following the Moskow interview on 12 pm ET--we'll have Abby Joseph Cohn from Goldman Sachs to give her outlook on U.S. stocks in 2007. That too is streaming live.

And on CNBC-TV--the big story so far is Pfizer and their troubles with torcetrapib. We'll have the company CEO Jeff Kindler on at 12 noon ET on "Power Lunch." He'll be talking about the decision Saturday night to stop developing torcetrapib--a drug that helps boost the production of good cholesterol. Clinical tests showed more people died than expected while taking the experimental medicine.

Other scheduled guests include New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman. He's on "Power Lunch" to give his take on the U.S. economy. Plus--we'll mix in some politics (someone did say money is the mother's milk of politics) with Newsweek Senior White House Correspondent Richard Wolffe.