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Good morning and welcome to the kaching blog on cnbc.com- so glad we're off Mr. Softie's blog site- what a mess that was- this new site will be great- same snarky posts and lots of our video- now we all live under the same roof here at cnbc.com..

Let's get to it... how about this Goldman Sachs hedge fund tracker!  It sounds like an ETF for hedge funds..which leads me to a joke about throwing darts in the dark- they are counting on computers to replicate hedge fund investments- so how many months behind will it be- I can see where some jamoke will say this means we need more regulation for hedge funds- good grief- we get any more regulation around here and we'll be no better than some 3rd world investment house.

The iPhone- we own this story as you know- we have broken news on this every step of the way- last week we had the patent drawings on TV before anyone else- well today- we're at it again! We have new details on price points, batteries and storage- this device is a game changer- and where the Blackberry took years to change the game- this will hapen in weeks.

Retail is very interesting today- on our drive in thru Northern NJ shopping Mecca- we saw two Toys-R-Us with at least 55 people outside in the cold waiting for it to open- something is up there- we're looking into it and what it means for stocks and the shopping season.

Larry Kudlow will be our host tonight- we love him and you will too!!


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