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Harwood And Duffy On Iraq Study Group

The Iraq Study Group will bring its long awaited recommendations to President Bust on Wednesday--but it remains to be seen just how closely the Bush administration will adhere to its proposals. On CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” Bill Griffeth discussed the group with Michael Duffy, Time magazine’s Washington Bureau Chief and John Harwood--CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent.

Duffy says the committee had a lot of trouble getting the consensus that they wanted between Democrats and Republicans. It came down in the end to whether there would be a firm time table or something a bit less rigid. 

Bush, Iraq & the Economy

Tomorrow, after the recommendations are presented to President Bush--they will be given to members of Congress. The group begins testimony in the U.S. Senate on Thursday.

The Iraq Study Group (ISG)  was created at the direction of a bi-partisan group in Congress. Co-chaired by Former Secretary of State, James A Baker (R)  and former chairman of the House International Relations Committee Lee Hamilton (D), the ISG will provide recommendations that the Bush administration and Congress can use to consider the future direction of U.S. policy regarding Iraq.