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Poland's Unemployment Down to 14.8% in Nov.


Poland's jobless rate fell to a five-year low of 14.8% in November, edging down from 14.9% in October, the labor minister said Wednesday.

"The unemployment rate fell to 14.8% and if that tendency persists, a further drop in unemployment rate to 14.7% is possible in December," the news agency PAP quoted Anna Kalata as saying on state TVP.

PAP did not quote factors behind the better figure.

Government figures are expected later this month.

However, those data seldom diverge by more than one-tenth of a percentage point from the preliminary Labor Ministry figures.

Poland's unemployment rate has gradually declined since reaching a post-communist peak of 20.7% in February 2003.

Since Poland joined the European Union in 2004, hundreds of thousands of Poles have emigrated to Britain, Ireland and other Western countries to seek higher paying jobs _ an exodus also believed to be easing the unemployment crisis at home.