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CNBC's Liesman: U.S. Jobs Report Preview

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The markets are more than likely gearing up for the most anticipated piece of economic data this week--that's the U.S. jobs report for November. It comes out Friday. CNBC's Steve Liesman gave a preview on "Power Lunch."

Steve said the Dow Jones Survey of Economists sees job growth of 110,000 for November. That would be neutral to bullish--and it's a touch above the 92,000 from October.

But looking ahead--the forecast from Private Payroll Company ADP sees total job growth around 180 thousand. That's if you include growth of 20,000 from the government.

Liesman said the job growth over the past three months has average nearly 150,000.

He said the markets will be on close watch for revisions--as for the past two months--the newer numbers have added about 200,000 jobs.

And Steve mentioned his interview with Chicago Fed President Michael Moskow--it took place on Monday--that Moskow sees the potential to create 100,000 jobs. That means any number higher than that would be too "hot" for the U.S. economy--in Moskow's opinion.

Watch Liesman's interview with Chicago Fed President Moskow, Parts 1 & 2: