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CNBC's Gasparino: "Hank" Greenberg To Write Memoirs

Charles Gasparino
Maurice "Hank" Greenberg

There's been lots of speculation that Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the former CEO of AIG , is looking to set the record straight and write a book about his incredible life and times. CNBC has confirmed that Greenberg has indeed been shopping a memoir to an agent (William Morris) and at least one book publisher, Harper Collins. He's also looking for a writer to help out.

The book, as envisioned by Greenberg, would chronicle not just his business life, but also his service in the military (he served in World War II and Korea) and then how he started AIG and built it into one of the world's largest corporations. One big question is how much of the book, if it is published, will be devoted to the last couple of controversial years of his business life, which included civil charges of alleged accounting fraud filed by New York State attorney General Eliot Spitzer that led to his ouster from AIG.

Greenberg has vehemently denied the charges, several of which have been dropped by Spitzer. People close to Greenberg say while he's not looking to write a book that obsesses about the Spitzer matter,  but he wont shy away from taking on his enemies including Spitzer and his foes on AIG's board of directors, who Greenberg believes caved into pressure from the attorney general to oust him.

From CNBC's Charles Gasparino