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We have a busy day ahead on Monday. Scheduled topics and guests include: Spam (the email kind) and just why it's once again flooding email addresses in huge numbers. Richard Prati--CEO and Chairman of American Technology Research--will be on "Squawk Box" to give the reasons why spammers are at it again in increasing numbers.

CNBC's Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli will preview the upcoming FOMC meeting. It takes place this Tuesday--December 12. It's the last meeting of 2006 and a lot of eyes will be watching what the Fed does when it comes to interest rates.

SmartMoney Senior writer Russell Pearlman will discuss his views on investing in 2007.  And in a somewhat related story The Wall Street Journal Senior Retirement Planning Editor Glenn Ruffenach will "blow up" some retirement myths on "Morning Call."

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All that and more on Monday. See you then.