Holiday Central CEO On Gift Cards

By staff

If you thought it was all about books at, you'd be on the wrong page of the holiday sales ledger, so to speak. CEO Marie Toulantis made that clear on "Power Lunch."

Toulantis said DVD sets "continue to be great sellers," adding that new boxed-sets of hit TV shows like Lost, The West Wing and Seinfeld were attracting interest this season.

Of course, top-selling authors weren't doing too badly, either. James Patterson, Stephen King and Michael Crichton all have new books out, something of a rarity.

Holiday Bestsellers

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Toulantis was just the latest to confirm the boom in gift cards, whose sales are expected to jump from $19 billion in 2005 to $30 billion this year. Toulantis mentioned her company's "great, new designs" that appeal to adults and childrena alike.

She also rejected the latest buzz about predatory hackers, stealing card information, saying "there are ways to detect that kind of fraud."