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Crisis Control: What Should Taco Bell Do?


Today, Taco Bell is assuring the public that their food is safe. But, are they doing enough to ease customer worries? On "Power Lunch," CNBC's Sue Herera scored the company’s damage control efforts with two leading experts in crisis management - Robert Dilenschneider, Chairman and Founder of the Dilenschneider Group.  And Eric Dezenhall,  President of Dezenhall resources.

Taco Bell Damage Control

Eric Dezenhall said that in a crisis situation consumers want to know 2 things,  “Am I going to be okay and what are you doing about it?”

He added, “the challenge is the variable is beyond their control. Dezenahall added “In a crisis, we all want someone to blame and right now Taco Bell does not know the culprit. All they can do is attempt to quantify the risk and demonstrate  empathy – which I believe they're doing. My sense is they will survive it – they will take a hit, but then recover.”

Robert Dilenschneider believes there’s a lot at stake not just for Taco Bell, but for YUM! Brands the owner of Taco Bell.  He said, “They have to identify the problem, say they’re safe, and then they have to re-launch Taco Bell. It’s a pretty big agenda. “

As CNBC has been reporting, authorities have confirmed 61 cases of E. Coli among people who ate at Taco Bell restaurants. Company officials say they've determined that scallions were the likely source of the outbreak and that they have switched produce suppliers.