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Fraport's November Passengers Rose 5.5%

By MATT MOORE |AP Business Writer

Fraport AG, which manages airports in Europe, Turkey and Peru, said its traffic during November rose 5.5 percent compared with last year, with Frankfurt International spearheading the increase.

The company said that 5.42 million passengers moved through its six airports in Germany, Turkey and Peru.

The Frankfurt airport, the third-busiest in Europe behind Heathrow in London and Charles de Gaulle in Paris, had 4 million passengers last month, up 1.6 percent from a year ago, driven mostly by demand for flights across Europe. It was the first time that passenger traffic surpassed the 4 million mark, the company said.

Demand was heavy for European and intercontinental flights, but domestic routes to Berlin, Munich and Hamburg also helped increase numbers as 39,853 takeoffs and landings were reported at the airport.

"Frankfurt Airport is booming like never before," said Fraport AG executive board chairman Wilhelm Bender. "Our airport is stretching at the seams of its capacity limits. That's why we urgently need the planned new landing runway."

The airport is expanding its runways and facilities to accommodate more demand as well as the planned Airbus A380 superjumbo that airline Lufthansa AG plans to base there starting in 2009.

At the company's five other airports, traffic was up, too. Antalya Airport in Turkey posted the biggest passenger increasing, doubling to 235,643 passengers. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport served 276,219 passengers, up 20.2 percent while the Lima Airport in Peru reported growth of 14.1 percent with 514,553 passengers.

Hanover Airport's traffic remained unchanged as 371,400 passengers used the facility, while Saarbruecken Airport reported a decline of 30.4 percent to 20,184 passengers.

Shares of Fraport were up 0.78 percent to euro54.42 (US$72.07) in Frankfurt trading.