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Anchors Away: Exotic Trips For Sea Goers


Cruising is the fastest growing sector of travel--with more than 11 million people boarding vessels each year. The ships have become more luxurious--and getting there is now half the fun for many. Mark Orwoll is Senior Consulting Editor at Travel and Leisure Magazine. He was on "Power Lunch" to talk about the best in special interest cruising.

Orwoll mentioned three cruises. The first was an African adventure from Crystal Cruises that takes passengers through Southern Africa--with a stop at Mt. Kilimanjaro (the world's tallest free standing mountain). Price is about $7,000 per person.

Next was a cruise through Southeast Asia with the Seven Seas Mariner line. That's a 12 day cruise that focuses on Asian food with a stopover in Bangkok. Finally--a romance cruise on the Clippers Cruise line's Star Flyer. This one takes you through the Society Islands-one of which is Bora Bora. The cost for this trip is a little over $1,800 per person. Bon voyage.

Special-Interest Cruises