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Apple: Is Internet TV The Next Big Thing?


The "rumors" are buzzing about what Apple's next big move might be. Some say it's an i-Pod cell phone combo, others think Apple will make a big move in, quote, "I-TV".  On "Power Lunch," Bill Griffeth sifted through all the speculation with with PC Magazine’s Lance Ulanoff.

Ulanoff said, the only sure thing is the I-Phone. In fact, he said, if it doesn’t happen that will be big news. People desperately want the I-Pone –they love their I-Pods but don’t want to carry multiple devices.  

One rumor suggests Apple will come up with their own network-- although Ulanoff doubts it.  He said, “I’ve heard (the rumor) that they’re going with T-Mobile. (Another rumor has Apple talking with) Cingular and Verizon .I’ve also heard (rumors) that they’re going with all of them which would be really shocking. But Apple is not giving out any information - people are just shooting darts at the wall hoping to hit a target."

Apple's Next Move

"I-TV is the other big rumor, but we kind of saw it earlier this year. That’s internet television.   They’re dipping their toe in the water in an area where no one knows what’s going to happen."

Bill Griffeth asked about the possibility of a gaming console.

Ulanoff said, “Forget an Apple gaming console.  We already have a big white one and it’s called Nintendo. Moreover, it’s not a market Apple wants to play in – Microsoft and Sony lose money on their gaming consoles and Apple doesn’t operate that way. They like to make money on all their ventures.

Ulanoff also said,  "There are a ton of rumors and Apple never answers any of them. Of course they don’t suppress them either. They know how to feed the need."