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The Oscar Race Is On -- And Paramount Is In The Lead


are the official start to awards season -- the nominations give a good hint at which movies will be nominated for , and the studios are always hungry to put that golden seal of a nomination on their movie poster.

On the top of the studio heap is -- beaming. Paramount brought in 15 nominations -- breaking its record with seven nominations for Babel, five for Dreamgirls, and co-productions, Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, snagging another three.

Every year there's always a movie with a message -- Crash, Million Dollar Baby -- and the trend goes way back. Dances with Wolves? that wins the hearts of voters even if it's not a winner at the box office -- just $37 million at the worldwide box office, and I hear that the budget was somewhere around $90 million.

And this year the new specialty division --  Paramount Vantage -- is getting all the gold seals to put on the posters. Now maybe Vantage pressie Lesher will give me an interview (hint hint). The question is whether Vantage will cash in -- like Lions Gate's Crash did -- once it starts winning awards.

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