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CNBC's Rovell: Public Replacing Madison Avenue?


When it's time to make a commercial--companies usually go to Madison Avenue to dream up a catchy ad. But that idea may soon be old school. CNBC's Darren Rovell told the "Squawk Box" team about the new idea for the upcoming Super Bowl--letting the public make up the ad.

Some 1,700 people flew into three cities to pitch their ideas to the NFL. They stood in front of the judges-"American Idol" style. One idea was "Peyton Manning turns into a horse.. and then..he fades back."  Well, you get the idea--says Rovell. The winning ad idea will run during the Super Bowl and the winners get two free tickets to the game. The 1,700 have been cut down to a final 12. You can vote at nfl.com/superad to vote online (be sure and check out Darren's blog--Sports Biz--for more details)

This is somewhat of growing trend--letting the public come up with the advertising ideas. Others have done it--with mixed success. Chevrolet tried it but most of the entries focused on how the SUV's the company made were gas guzzlers. GM was not happy to say the least.

But others keep at it. Dove is asking the public to come up with an ad for their new Dove Cream Oil and Body Wash collection. The best ad will run during the Academy Awards next year--where the winners will have seats and hob nob with celebrities.