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Fines and Suspensions for Knicks and Nuggets

The fines and suspensions were just handed down. Here they are:

Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets: 15 games
Nate Robinson: Knicks, 10 games
J.R. Smith, Nuggets: 10 games
Mardy Collins, Knicks: 6 games
Jared Jeffries, Knicks: 4 games
Jerome James, Knicks: 1 game
Nene, Nuggets: 1 game

There are two very interesting things here. Anthony, the league's leading scorer will now be suspended for what will amount to being 18 percent of the season, or 25 percent of the season that's left. He'll also lose about $844,000 in salary.

I'm sure Anthony's shoe sales will suffer and it will be interesting to see the reaction to Electronic Arts' NBA Street game. Anthony is now scheduled to come off his suspension on Jan. 20 and the game will debut a month later. Electronic Arts assures me that there is no fighting in the game, but you just kind of wonder what people will think after looking at the cover.

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