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Goldman Bonuses Could Reach $100M

There’s nothing like a year-end bonus from an employer. Of course, most workers will never see $100 million for all their hard work. But some at Goldman Sachs might. That company has $16.5 billion in its bonus pool alone, and there’s talk that certain division heads will see close to nine figures. Rich Blake of Trader Monthly was on “Power Lunch” to tell us who at Goldman hit pay dirt.

The most likely candidate is 39-year-old Raanan Agus. He’s the head of Goldman’s Principal Strategies Group – which accounts for 20% of the company’s overall profits. Blake predicts Agus will get about $70 million for his efforts.

Agus’ European counterpart, Pierre-Henri Flamand, is a close second. He’s slated to receive over $50 million. An interesting note: Both Agus and Flamand are chess grand masters.

Co-Presidents John Winkelried and Gary Cohn could receive between $40-$45 million.

“These guys are clearly enjoying a bounty for the ages,” says Blake.