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Closing Bell

Behind The Headlines with CNBC's Insana and Liesman

This afternoon The U.S. Treasury released new information on China’s Yuan. They said China is not manipulating its currency to gain unfair trade advantages.
They also said that "more flexibility in China's exchange rate will help it achieve more balanced growth" and promote a number of other outcomes that would be economically beneficial.

On Closing Bell Maria Bartiromo took a closer look at the days events and how they influenced the markets, with CNBC’s Ron Insana and Steve Liesman.

Today’s PPI numberwas much stronger than expected but Ron Insana said,  “The November data is probably an aberration.” 

He added “Liquidity is everywhere.  The money supply in the Unites States is starting to grow at a rapid rate and that just keeps things humming.  You’ve got a lot of big investors chasing performance and that just pushes the markets higher.”

Steve Liesman recapped today's meeting with White House economists and said, “They aren’t worried about the economy. “

As for events in Thailand Liesman noted, “If you look at the evolution of the recent flare-ups here’s what happens.  Things blow up – liquidity swarms into the areas. And then the problem goes away.  We don’t seem to have the contagion that we used to have.”