CEO Survey: Confident About U.S. in 2007

CEO's are optimistic about the new year--according to the Chief Executive Magazine's CEO confidence index (this is a yearly survey of American CEOs). The magazine's own CEO--Ed Kopko--appeared on "Morning Call" with the details. The CEOs are positive about the U.S. economy in 2007--according to Kopko. He says they feel good that interest rates are low and that company profits are "rolling in" in high numbers.

Kopko listed their predictions for 2007:

1) Dow will be about 12,583

2) Oil will be around $63.72 a barrel

3) Interest rates will hover around 5.34%

And ftheir Christmas wish list read like this: Peace in the Middle East--spend more time with their families--affordable health care for their employees--a flat tax and less regulation for business.

AND--about 50% of those CEOs surveyed said they would be hiring more employees next year.

As we said--the survey in conducted every year--and this time included CEOs Mike Eskew from UPS, Robert Nardellil from Home Depot, Carol Evens of Working Mother Media and Eric Schrier of Readers Digest--to name a few.