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Five Tech Toys For Adults


Gadgets Galore -- Five For The Holidays

So everyone on your holiday list already has an iPod or a Nano. Still, you've waited till the last minute and now you have to scramble to find that perfect holiday gift. Well, we've done the thinking for you, so if you're stuck and searching, here's five ideas that should assure a happy holiday.

Guitar Hero II

Yeah, it's allegedly designed for kids. But if you know someone who longs to be a "Juke Box Hero" (in the immortal words of Bad Company), this PS2 game from Activision will fulfill the urge to play like Eddie (or Edie) Van Halen.

You can have your own cutting contest with opposing shredders. And for baby boomers without an "axe" to grind, particularly those 40 and over, there's even a "Shred School" the company says allows "Guitar Zeroes to become Guitar Heroes." Rock on. $80.

Abacus MobileWear

Cousin Bob's new Bluetooth phone is great. He can leave it in his briefcase and still answer it with a wireless earpiece.

But how does he know who's calling? The new Abacus MobileWear is a Bluetooth watch that features caller ID. So you can check the time and still see if it’s worth taking the call. $199.

Logitech diNovo Edge

Cool and comfortable, the ultra-slim Edge is a wireless Bluetooth computer keyboard any multimedia maven would love.

Its TouchDisc scrolling feature lets you control the cursor and scroll up, down or sideways with the touch of a finger. The built-in Lithium Ion battery charges faster and lasts longer than other batteries and slides easily into an equally stylish base. $199

Garmin nuvi 660

The ideal gift for the person who hates to ask for directions—and you know who you are — this GPS system combines the best features of its previous iteration, like a currency calculator and Bluetooth, with an even bigger, 4.6-inch screen.

Thus, it's easier to see where you're going, in sunlight or at night. Even better, the 660 is portable, so you can pack it away when you park. $1,100.

ELP Laser Turntable

For the vinyl aficionado who hates what traditional needles do to record albums, we have the perfect solution, the ELP Laser Turntable.

The ELP's laser stylus reads a record's grooves without making physical contact so albums can live forever. (Sounds like a CD, doesn't it?) At $15,000, it's something of a guilty pleasure. But after all, it has been a very good year on the Street, hasn't it?

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