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Rocky Balboa: Back In The Ring For Big Bucks


There's no keeping a good man down now matter how many times the bell rings--especially when it comes to Sylvester Stallone and his "Rocky" movie enterprise. The 6th film in the 30 year old franchise opens this weekend--titled "Rocky Balboa"--and it's getting good reviews. CNBC's Julia Boorstin says that means money for Stallone--and those involved in the picture (he wrote and directed--and of course stars in it).

One of those involved is Everlast Worldwide. It has product placements (gloves, headgear etc) in the film and got paid for those rights. CEO of the company Seth Horowitz says boxing movies like Rocky and the Ali film and Cinderalla Man" are great for his company.

Boorstein says that CNBC obtained an internal memo from MGM  (one of the companies financing the film) and it says that "Rocky" could make $30 million this weekend (it cost $25 million to make). The memo also says that "Rocky Balboa" is on the top of the list for movie goers this holiday season.

Besides Everlast--Ebay is holding auctions for "Rocky" products and Amazon is pushing "Rocky" movie soundtracks. There's also the special Rocky DVD collection at $44.95. It's supposed to be the last picture in the series--but who knows--"Rocky 7" anyone?