Media Money with Julia Boorstin

It's All About the Family Fare

After all this talk about the box office declining, it turns out that the disappointing numbers in 2005 were just an aberration. This year, the box office so far is up from last year -- $9.09 billion through Sunday compared to $8.65 billion last year... Forget about Tom Cruise action pics -- it's all about the family films. PG is the new sweet spot.


So the shortages aren't getting better -- stores carrying the PS3 are still getting shipments as small as one or two consoles as a time -- but even a shipment of 25 consoles is still pretty damn small...

Speaking of which, I spent a lot of time playing the new this weekend. I'm certainly no expert, but my favorite game is the Wii Tennis. I didn't break a TV or send the controller flying into a wall, but gee is my arm sore!

Things aren't all bad for AOL -- maybe things just couldn't get any worse.

Time Warner's ill-fated Internet division is actually going to end this year with more users than 2005. Sure, only some of them are paying -- the rest of them free -- but they're still on track for this improvement.

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