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Samsung CEO Choi: "A Living Room Revolution"

For companies that make electronics, few markets are more competitive (and crowded) than the flat screen TV market. At today’s Consumer’s Electronic Show, CNBC’s Bill Griffeth looked at the future of flat screens TV’s and which companies are dominating right now. His guest was Gee Sung Choi, CEO of Samsung Digital Media.

A revolution is taking place in the living room,” said Samsung’s Gee Sung Choi.  “(TV screens are getting thinner) pushing them back to the wall.”

That trend could ultimately change the way a living room or TV room is designed. How big can they go? “Wall size will be the final constraint” said Samsung’s CEO of Digital Media.“Unless we build bigger houses!”

Chois says it's even conceivable that home builders could profit from the trend, as buyers request massive walls in the area(s) where they watch TV.

Here is a list of the top five companies making flat panel TV's and their share of the market:

SONY  10.3%
PANASONIC (owned by Matsushita) 9.2%
LG 8.5%

Meanwhile, plasma TV sales are up 28% to $7.2 billion while sales of LCD TV’s are up 85% to $22.5 billion.

FYI- proof we are live TV! This interview was interrupted with CNBC's Steve Liesman's report on today's speech by Fed Vice Chariman Donald Kohn.