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Warner Bros Introduces Total HD


Warner Bros just unveiled its new Total HD format - works on either Blu-Ray or HD DVD player - guaranteeing that Warner is one company that can't lose in this format war.

With The Turtles song, "So Happy Together," playing loudly on the speakers, and "One Disc For All" heralded up on the big screens, Warner Bros Chairman and CEO, Barry Meyer, looked a lot happier than the Sony exec I interviewed today - and for good reason - this invention is a brilliant solution for retailers and consumers.

Meyer told me that this is how it always should have been - consumers don't care how the technology works, they just want one box. He called T-HD "brilliant in its simplicity" and I think he's right.

It doesn't solve the situation for Sony, Microsoft or Universal who have firmly chosen sides. HBO and New Line (also sharing parent company Time Warner ) are also on board. Let's see how long it takes Paramount, which also produces both formats to adopt it as well.

Look for these discs before the end of the year...

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