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"Business Nation" - Tonight's Premier On CNBC


Sometimes there are stories that are just too important and complex for a 3-5 minute spot on regular television. So, CNBC-TV has come up with what we think is an exciting solution to the problem--with the premier tonight of "Business Nation"--the first ever newsmagazine show that focuses entirely on business.

"Business Nation," is hosted by David Faber, will be a new monthly feature on CNBC. Tonight’s premiere will spotlight how eBay has become the one of the biggest sources of stolen merchandise in the country. Scott Cohn will investigate how the online auction giant is dealing with this growing problem (or isn’t). He will also look at it from the merchants’ perspective. Many retailers know when they see their products online – especially if they are exclusive items – selling below what they paid the manufacturer, that the product is obviously stolen. So what can they do about it?

Also, Faber himself will report on the troubling accident rate of a popular small-engine plane and Scott Wapner will take a look into the business of ultimate fighting – the sport almost went out of business a few years back but now it’s making money, and lots of it.

"Business Nation" premieres on CNBC tonight at 10 pm and 1 am ET (forgive the shameless plug be we really think you'll like the show).