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Bush Takes A Walk On Wall Street-NY Style


Today, it seemed everyone at the NYSE collectively dropped their jaws -- after a surprise guest stopped by for a quick visit. Around 1pm EST, President Bush made an unannounced trip to the New York Stock Exchange. CNBC's Bob Pisani was there with a camera and crew to record it. Bush took the walk after making a speech to an audience of business leaders at NYC's Federal Hall--where he talked up the economy and reiterated many of the economic themes of his State of the Union address.

When the president arrived, he was escorted by NYSE CEO John Thain. Immediately, throngs of people gathered to shake hands or take a photo. CNBC’s cameras were rolling as Mr. Bush twisted and turned through the maze of traders and desks during this history-making moment.

According to the NYSE, on March 28, 1985 Ronald Reagan became the first President to visit the NYSE while in office. Reagan went back in 1992 with Russia's Mikhail Gorbachev.