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CNBC's Exec Leadership Awards Gala Night


A not so shameless plug here as we'd like to toot our own horn--as we honor others. Last night, CNBC held it's third annual Executive Leadership Awards dinner--to recognize business leaders who make a difference. The event was at the Pierre Hotel in New York City--and CNBC's Melissa Lee covered it for "Squawk Box."

And the award goes to--(well, unlike the oscars, the winners knew who they were) for Entrepreneurial Excellence Herb Kelleher, Chairman of Southwest Airlines. Business Leader of The Future went to Sallie Krawcheck of Citigroup. William Weldon--CEO of Johnson & Johnson was awarded for Leader in Business Practices. George David, CEO of United Technologies was honored for Leader in Human Capital Practices and Leader in Innovation went to Eric Schmidt of Google.

CNBC Executive Leadership Awards

The night's big moment may have been when former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for his stewardship of the Federal Reserve. He spent 19 years as chairman and it's the anniversary of his retirement. Greenspan commented that the first year of being Fed chairman is tough and that his successor Ben Bernanke--is doing extremely well. He also said his wife, NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell- once placed a large piece of chocolate cake with his lunch into his famous briefcase. He said it knocked off "billions of dollars from the nation's net worth." He was joking--we hope!

You can watch the full broadcast of the dinner next Monday at 9 pm EST and again at 12 midnight.

FYI-Nominations for the awards came from CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies. Each named two executives from companies other than their own. CNBC tabulated the ballots and prepared dossiers on the most nominated candidates. An external judging panel reviewed the dossiers and chose a winner in each category. The Lifetime Achievement Award was chosen by an internal CNBC panel.