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Gates Fires Back Over Apple's Mac Commercials


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates spoke out angrily against a series of commercials from Apple that ridicule PCs and Microsoft's operating system.

The ads feature a frumpy, uptight man who represents PCs, and his counterpart, a young hipster who represents Macs.

Gates Angry @ Apple

In one of the more recent ads, the PC explains that he must undergo complicated surgery to install Vista, Microsoft's new operating system. He offers the Mac his peripherals in case he doesn't survive the procedure.

In a recent interivew with Newsweek, Gates objected to the ads' tone and disputed their truthfulness.

"I don't think the 90% of the [population] who use Windows PCs think of themselves as dullards, or the kind of klutzes that somebody is trying to say they are," Gates said.

Since the ads debuted last spring, Apple has sold more than 3 million Macs.