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Treasury Secretary Learned To Block For President At Dartmouth

Football to Finance

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson tells CNBC he learned a lot about the business world on the gridiron.

CNBC's John Harwood interviewed the Treasury Secretary about his Dartmouth College football career and other topics this week. Together, they watched videos of Paulson's victories on the playing field.

"The biggest parallel I saw between football, where I had some success, and Wall Street where I had some success" was that both require teamwork, Paulson said.

Just like his team at Dartmouth, the Bush Administration has some victories to celebrate, like a booming stock market and a growing economy.

But he's trying to help the White House come from behind on other issues, like China. "We have a plan. I need to show results in two years," he said.

Paulson also is taking on executive compensation and entitlement reform.

"I look at it as there is not a high degree of likelihood we will get this done. I'm not naive given how contentious this is," Pauslon said.

"It is my job to block for the President as we move the ball down field. If we move it 10, 20 , 80 yards it is a positive. Maybe we will score a touchdown. maybe we will bring people together and put us in scoring position for the next administration," he said.

Paulson still loves football, and he's heading this weekend to Miami to cheer for the Bears.