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Green Glam Housing: Celebs Back Eco-Condos


Going Green
Green isn't just cool for Hollywood, it's glamorous for high-end real estate. And one green-friendly real-estate development company is cozying up to celebrities, to launch its new environmentally-friendly apartment building -- right at the western entrance to Beverly Hills.

New Pacific Realty, which specializes in super-luxury buildings, co-hosted a Golden Globes party with E! Entertainment and the Environmental Media Association, at 9900 Wilshire, its condo site. The party itself was entirely environmentally responsible: everything recycled, and a tree planted for every person who attended. A number of the A-list actors who came to the party have already expressed interest in the apartments. Green is cool for celebs, and the celebs are helping New Pacific Realty sell its apartments. A green win-win.

I spoke with David Margulies, the CEO of New Pacific, about being green in Beverly Hills, and the power of a celebrity endorsement...  Check out the Interview:

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