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Farrell's Sports Classic, Yankees Ring, & Ad Advice


Will Farrell’s Next Sports Classic
Will Farrell’s "Talledega Nights" was a product placement wonder, with his main car sponsor Wonder Bread garnering as much as $60 million in brand exposure. And it looks like there are many brands that are lining up to get a piece of the action on Farrell’s upcoming sports flick, "Blades of Glory,"

a spoof on competitive ice skating that hits theatres on March 30. A press photo circulated by Paramount Pictures, and featured in an article in USA Today on Monday, has Farrell and co-star Jon Heder being interviewed by Scott Hamilton with Crest Whitestrips logos on the banner behind them. In the trailer alone, I spotted six other brands: Dunkin Donuts, Xbox 360, Pepsi’s LifeWater, Bud Light, Subway and Puma. Ferrell’s next sports movie after this one is called "Semi-Pro," it’s about an ABA team.

Cool Item Of The Day
If you’re a De Lorean collector, you’re going to want this one. It’s John De Lorean’s 1978 Yankees World Series ring.

John De Lorean

De Lorean, whose DMC-12 sports car was immortalized in "Back to the Future," was actually an owner of the Yankees and the San Diego Chargers back in the day. Those who want in, prepare to pony up. You’ll have to put up at least $25,000 to reach the starting bid for the auction, which ends on Friday.

Advertising Advice For Next Year’s Super Bowl
Don’t try to do a good Super Bowl ad. Try to do a hideous, really vague one. Trust me, it will make people go to your Web site and find out what you’re about. And who knows? Maybe the masses will buy your product and service! What’s this Rovell talking about? I’m talking about These guys were voted the absolute worst ad of the Super Bowl, according to USA Today. Not pretty bad, not awful, dead last. That’s why I thought it was slightly comical to read in USA Today that generated more than 10,000 new customer subscriptions in the 24 hours after the game - much more than the 700 it said it need to break even on the ad.

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