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Digital Music Group Teams Up With YouTube; Tiki Barber Joins NBC


YouTube: Sharing the Wealth!


Digital Music Group is making a deal with YouTube to make some of its videos, including 'Gumby', 'I Spy', and 'My Favorite Martian', available on YouTube, and some of its music, to be used in videos uploaded to YouTube. The details of the deal haven't been announced, but YouTube will be sharing the revenues from ads posted on the site. DMGI likes the deal because it's additional revenue with no extra work on their end, and YouTube likely gets to avoid lawsuits without losing all too much revenue. DGMI may have more than 4,000 hours of content, but it's still small potatoes compared to the big guys-- the Viacoms and NBC Universals of the world, which would prove much more crucial partners.

Athlete? Reporter? Celebrity? A blurred line-- and a goldmine.

Tiki Barber

Tuesday morning NBC is introducing Tiki Barber as a new contributor to the Today show and NBC's Sunday night footbal. What do you do when you're 31 years old and a 10-year veteran of Giants football? Well, you cash in. Barber spent the offseason at Fox and was courted by Fox as well as ESPN and ABC. Now NBC is going to be using his celebrity and sports expertise to bolster its sports coverage. This is exactly the kind of thing our sister network needs for that fourth hour of Today show coverage.

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