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Culture Clash: Red Sox, NASCAR Firm Announce Merger

New England-fried racing: Northeast and Heartland icons are colliding, as Major League Baseball's "Bosox" and a NASCAR member company announced plans to merge.

CNBC's Darren Rovell reported that the Boston Red Sox Fenway Sports Group "fully admits," in Rovell's words, that it is nearly "tapped out" of revenue -- despite the baffling detail of the New England team selling out "307 straight games, at the highest average in baseball." The Sox' solution: buying a 50% stake in NASCAR firm Roush Racing, to form the hybrid Roush Fenway Racing.

Roush Racing owner Jack Roush called the Northeast a last "holdout" from America's new-found love affair with motor racing. Fenway Sports Group President Mike Dee conceded that the group can't simply "turn on a faucet" to tap the Sox' estimated 12 million die-hard fans for NASCAR, but believes that "over time" they will succumb, as most of the U.S. has, to the gasoline-guzzling sport.

Red Sox on the Race Track