Mad Money

Cramer's Game Plan for the Week of Feb. 26


You want to know how to trade next week? Well, Cramer has a list of stocks for all you Home Gamers. They may not be buys for everyone, but they are worthy of consideration.

Global Santa Fe : This international oil service company reports on Monday, and they could put up some huge numbers. Global Santa Fe’s CEO was on "Mad Money" before, and he said that his book of business was so big that the company sells at a fraction of what it’s worth. Cramer is banking on better-than-expected numbers. He’d want to own Global Santa Fe ahead of the report.

Marvell Tech: Cramer’s charitable trust owns MRVL. In fact, he sold some of its Marvell stake when the stock ran this past week. But he’s expecting the company to take a hit when it reports numbers on Monday after the bell. Be ready to buy when it does.

Blockbuster has been on a tear, Cramer says. For that reason, he’s expecting some profit taking coming up. The video rental company reports Tuesday. If you own Blockbuster already, take a little off the table. If you want in, wait.

Dynegy also reports Tuesday. When Cramer interviewed the CEO, the company chief boasted of a bold acquisition that’s sure to make the numbers explode. But be careful, the stock has already had a run in anticipation.

Cramer also likes infrastructure firms Foster Wheeler and McDermott . He rang the register on Foster Wheeler for his charitable trust, but the stock still looks tempting in the mid-50s – as does McDermott. Cramer’s looking for huge numbers from both companies.

Wednesday brings two horrible stocks to the stage. Charter Communications and Sprint will report. Cramer recommends investors get in Charter before the quarter because at that point a turnaround will be evident. As for Sprint, a heinous report will show that current management has to go. That might be the time to get in.

Also on the Game Plan is Gap , whose horrible numbers when reported Thursday will be further proof that it needs to be taken private. That’s why Cramer likes the stock – bad will be good for Gap.

Viacom opens the books on Thursday as well. The media and entertainment giant has fired top people in its MTV division. That got thumbs up from Cramer. He wants you in this stock.

Finally, Verifone has consistently delivered pure, clean quarters, and Cramer expects them to keep doing it. You want a stock that will let you sleep at night, and Verifone is it.

Bottom line: Cramer likes Global Santa Fe before the numbers Monday, and Marvell Tech after them. On Tuesday, be careful with Blockbuster or Dynegy, but take a look at Foster Wheeler and McDermott. Wednesday, he’d get in Charter before it reports, and Sprint afterwards but only if it’s bad enough to spark some change. Thursday, Cramer would be in Gap and Viacom. Last but not least, stick with Verifone.

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