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The Silver Lining in Military Apparel


Silver is not just used in jewelry anymore. It can also help save lives.

Noble Biomaterials is a private company that uses silver-laced fibers in everything from military apparel to shirts for pro athletes. 

The founder, Bill McNally, appeared on Power Lunch this afternoon. “What I like to tell our customers and our employees is that we are in the business of saving people’s lives”, he said.

The silver fibers are antibacterial and also stop odor, but the one area where they really shine is in military apparel, where they are used in bandages, clothing and shoes.

Innovations: Healing Clothes

McNally says their products “start treatment at the point of injury.”  Noble Biomaterials’ silver fiber is also found in products by Puma, J&J and Victoria’s Secret and is used by NASA, doctors, Marines and Olympic athletes.

Originally the Sauquoit Silk Company, Noble Biomaterials has manufactured specialty textiles for more than 130 years. “We have four hundred licenses worldwide in every market from apparel to the computer industry”, said McNally.