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Buffett's New Buys


Over the last 42 years, he's navigated bull and bear markets, building the best investment track record of all time. And amid this week's market turmoil, the Oracle of Omaha released some words of wisdom. He's buying stocks! Want to know which ones? CNBC's Dylan Ratigan found out where one of the richest men in the world is putting his money.

Here are Buffet's picks.

ConocoPhillips,, Johnson & Johnson, , U.S. Bancorp as well as Korean steel company Posco, and  British Supermarket Tesco,

Jeff Macke talked about other items in Buffet's letter to investors released today, including rumors that he might buy the New York Times.  In the letter, Macke said Buffet blasted the newspaper industry.

Bolling said he wasn't surprised because Buffet likes to pick stocks that are diverse and Buffet likes the Asian assets. 

Guy Adami said just like Buffet, Johnson & Johnson has been a favorite of mine and I've been saying that on Fast Money for a while. 

Maybe he's been watching!




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