Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!


Note: Last night, Cramer knocked Verigy, saying Agilent was the "best of breed" in semiconductor equipment. Turns out, Verigy is a spin-off of Agilent. Cramer apologizes for his mistake.

TD Ameritrade: "Too low to sell ... Is it my favorite brokerage? No, I've revealed that many times. It is Goldman Sachs ... I will sanction buying at $14, which is $1 from here."

Virgin Media : "This company's in transition ... This looks like what happened with Comcast before its run, what happened with Charter before it stabilized... I am sticking with Virgin Media."

Global Santa Fe: "Global SantaFe is too cheap. I want to buy it here." The company is reporting great numbers, so Cramer sees this stock as undervalued. This is the first "Buy! Buy! Buy!" of the week.

Qualcomm : The company is doing well, but Cramer doesn't like how much they sue and get sued. But if the stock gets back to $37, all the risk will be priced in, and he'll pull the trigger.

Six Flags: "Six Flags is a good stock." Cramer pushed the bulls button on this one.

Aqua America : "I've not liked this stock ... I used to like it for its safety ... If it got to $18, I'd maybe look at it." Sell! Sell! Sell!

ExxonMobil : "... It's got a fantastic balance sheet. They can raise the dividend. It's buying back stock." Buy! Buy! Buy!

Rite Aid: "Rite Aid remains on the good list." Cramer gave this stock the bulls. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Syntax-Brillian: "Downer, man. Liquid-crystal displays, no. If we're going to go there ... we're going to buy Corning ."

Jim's charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs.

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