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Guy Adami: The Negotiator
On February 26th, Guy Adami, The Negotiator recommended this drug play. "Mylan Labs , you've gotta go the generic route… I'm going the generic route…I like Mylan Labs here. They had a nice earnings release I think this is a stock you have to own.”

Well the generic route proved to be the wrong one for Adami. Shares of Mylan Labs are off 9%, while the S&P is down 4.2% since Adami's call.

Guy Adami said don’t throw in the towel. I still like Mylan. I think these guys are growing.  They’re in talks to buy Merck's generic business.

Tim Strazzini: The Risk Doctor
On February 22, The Risk Doctor looked to the chip sector and suggested Applied Materials on this rational. “Applied Materials is a stock to own before the cycle tells you to buy it,” he said. “They are the industry leaders which is why they can be more optimistic then their peers…this is a cyclical play. When you see a bottoming in memory it will be too late to buy this stock.”
It certianly wasn't too late this week. Shares of Applied Materials are more or less falling with the market - both down around 6% since Tim's call. Do you still like chip stocks and AMAT in particular?

Tim Strazzini said these are the risks with owning stocks. The semi-conductor space is down.  But he still likes it. Just understand this is part of the market, he says.

Eric Bolling: The Admiral
On February 23, The Admiral took a look at the charts and recommended this trade. "Google looks like it's in good shape. It was a perfect textbook trade….Fell right onto perfect support - $455. I think it's a safe bet. I think you can own it."

Might be time to ditch that textbook. Shares of Google aredown some 25 points since last Friday, or 2% more than the NASDAQ. Eric, was this just part of the tech wreck, or is it time to get out of Google?

Eric Bolling said Google is so sensitive to the market. In the short term GOOG will go lower. Get out, I apologize for the call.

Jeff Macke: The Lone Wolf
And finally On February 22, The Lone Wolf reached out to his loyal legion of web cam fans and suggested this retail play. The Gap - this company is still a great place to park your money… I think you're well off there.”

Had investors shopped at The Gap, they'd be looking at a 8% loss versus a nearly 5-percent decline for the S&P. Jeff, with retail in the spotlight next week, would you be buying or selling Gap now? Jeff Macke said this was not a great call.  Eventually these guys will hire a CEO.

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Trader disclosure:
On MAR 2, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders.
Strazzini: Gold,(MER), WMT, YHOO
Bolling: Gold, Silver, Soybeans, Short Corn, (NMX), (ICE), short Nasdaq, short S&P Futures